I'm Marianne, an artist creating luxury handmade gender neutral clothing for children ages 0-5 years. 

Making comfortable leggings, sweaters, T-shirts, shorts, dribble bibs and a small selection of nursery decor to compliment the garments. Where possible sourcing premium quality organic okeotex certified cotton fabrics for the little ones in our lives. Wonderland Craft is a supporter of reduce, reuse, recycle. Buy well and pass it on.  

Wonderland Craft came about through my journey of becoming a mother to two awesome boys. I slowly came to notice how uninspired little boys clothes came to be. It was either miniature menswear which is pretty restrictive in movement or blue, grey or baby blue in colour. 

I want to put Wonderland Kids in colour and bold fun prints and I want Wonderland Kids to be comfortable, free to move around, unrestricted by buttons, zips and details. 

Using my own inspirations in my artistic practice and sourcing bright bold prints that reflect my absolute love of colour. Making comfortable, modern, handmade childrenswear. 

I'm an advocate of gender neutral clothing for kids, i want children to wear whatever colour they like, so one design will look just as awesome on whoever wears it.

If you see a print you like but not the size your after on this shop drop me a message and i'll see what I can whip up. 

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I look forward to hearing from you.